Elmer Duff

The mysteriously murdered nobleman


A human male in his mid-40’s, Elmer Duff looks like a typical member of Newburg’s upper-class; dapper clothing, a smug look on his face, and an over-inflated sense of self-worth.


Elmer was in the Slaughtered Lamb the night of The Murder, as he was the primary victim of the event.

He was stabbed in the back with a Boar’s Head Dagger and was found clutching a torn corner of a note he had been writing earlier in the evening.

It reads, “By no act of man or malice do I die today…”

The rest of the note had been taken by his murderer.

The companions, particularly Naevia who had picked up the Boar’s Head Dagger and stained her hands with his blood, were to blame for the murder of Elmer.

It was discovered by the party from Rossa that Elmer had been in contact with Rion Swan conducting in suspicious activity, according to her spying for the Newburg Theocracy. She wasn’t able to find out what exactly he was up to due to his murder. It’s likely Elmer and Rion’s plans could be discerned from the rest of his note.

Elmer Duff

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