Character Name: Naevia
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Fighter
Age: between 27
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 135

Physical Appearance: Pale skinned, with white shoulder length hair; the front is braided back. She has gold eyes. Her ears are pointed enough to recognize that she has elf blood. She’s tall and strong.

1. Naevia has an elven mother, step-father and half-brother. Her father, a human, was killed by her uncle less than a year after her birth, and her uncle was subsequently executed. She has no close friends, but she’s not a cold person. She simply doesn’t like unnecessary things. The most important person in her life is herself.

2. She was born on the Elven side of a long-running feud between two cities, which where constantly on the brink of war. Her childhood was lonely and infuriating. Her mother didn’t particularly want her, but she was well taught. She had a local mercenary teach her swordplay. She learned to repress her thoughts and emotions, but her swordplay reveals a lot of rage. One particular story: After her half-brother was born, her mother and step-father discussed her, saying she was basically useless. Her parents determined that there must be some family they could marry her off to. She was supposed to accept this life, but would not.

3. Naevia is a simple person. She trains religiously, and prefers her sword to archery. She has no attachment to anything. She has killed for money, but if she sees wrongdoings in the street, she would stop it. She does what she wants, but when she’s on a team as she sometimes is, she won’t sit idly by and watch her peers die. She doesn’t have a lot of fear, and will fight brutally to the end, even if there are other options. As a person, she doesn’t judge others, and doesn’t get involved in anything unless it personally affects her. She likes to meditate.

4. Naevia is drifting. She has no goals, no revenge to enact. She collects as much gold as she can, but isn’t sure why. She’s been thinking about buying a house.
(which she would take a great amount of pride in maintaining)


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