A Psion Shardmind


Arkvoodle is a friendly shardmind. He likes to be very close to people….

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Character Name: Arkvoodle
Race: Shardmind
Class: Psion

Ever since Arkvoodle the event that granted Arkvoodle his Psion powers, He has a faded memory about his family, As he has drifted away from his family life since the event. He doesn’t speak much about his family, but he hopes that one day he will learn where his family is, dead or alive. His most important person right now is his Friend, Malphite, He is a good friend that gave him a home when Arkvoodle got and tried his Psion Powers
Arkvoodle’s childhood is very faded to him, as he doesn’t remember it to much. A story that defines arkvoodle is when he got his Psion powers. He was exploring a empty cave with this friends, that he dosn’t remember only a faded image of them, and Arkvoodle fell into a Ravine. He ended up falling into a deep underground pond with glowing crystals. The water broke his fall and Arkvoodle was able to explore this chasm. He ventured in deep until he found a Obelisk made out of crystal that was shining with intense power that even Arkvoodle could feel. He ventured in and touched the stone. The stone’s Light absorbed into Arkvoodle, then the obelisk shattered into many pieces. The shockwave knocked Arkvoodle out. Arkvoodle woke up at his long friend Malphite’s house. Malphite says he found Arkvoodle off shore of a near by pond from Malphites town. From then, Arkvoodle has been getting sparks of memory from what seems like, the old user of the psion powers, but from those sparks, he gains knowledge of using his Psion powers.
Arkvoodle likes to spend time alone, but Goes adventuring every once in a while to test out his Psion powers, and find a link to his past. Arkvoodle is friendly, He does random things, trying out his Psion abilities. He likes to watch out for good friends.
Arkvoodle would like to learn more about his Psion powers. It is hard for him to learn it, so he learns it with the spark of memories that he gets every often. He wants to learn a lot more about his past, but it is very hard for him because he can’t find anyplace to start, since he can barely remember anything before the obelisk. Arkvoodle would like to have a lead on his past, or get more abilities for his Psion abilities. He likes his Psion powers, but wants to figure out his past.


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