Character Name: Antonius Stark (full name), goes simply by “Stark”
Race: Warforged
Class: Artificer
Age: 28
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Physical Appearance: Like all other warforged, mechanical and golem-like in appearance. Unlike other warforged, Stark wears everyday garments like a cloth tunic, pants, and a hooded cloak. To conceal his appearance, Stark often pulls the hood over his head and partially over his face. He wears a utility belt that contains various small potions, artifacts, and gadgets, and keeps a large satchel to carry other similar, and larger items.

Background: Stark was once an adventurous human artificer who often delved in dungeons and explored ruins to uncover artifacts. He also intensely studies arcana, specifically the synergy between magical forces and physically crafted machinations, hence his interest in old arcane artifacts. One day, Stark came across the defunct body of an old warforged soldier mounted on an altar. Various runes adorned the shrine, but were unreadable to Stark. In an attempt to study it further, Stark suddenly blacked out for an undetermined amount of time, and regained consciousness in the warforged’s body. Stark’s human body was nowhere to be found. Devastated, but also very intrigued, by the turn of events, he packed up and made the decision to leave his old life and search for answers.

Stark’s parents were nobles who now live an uneventful and homely life as teachers in a smaller village away from the big city. Stark was not romantically involved with anyone in particular, as his interest was often on his adventures, but had a reasonably long list of former lovers. All of his past relationships have ended because of his disinterest in commitment. Stark has no siblings.

Stark is immensely intelligent, and excelled in school. This often put him in a negative light to other kids, and as much as he reached out to make friends, they often outcast him. One day, Stark watched a bully push around another kid, so Stark cast a spell he had learned recently from his studies and knocked the bully unconscious. He instantly won over many of his fellow classmates.

Stark has genius-level intellect. He often has his nose in a book, but when he was once human, he also used his intellect to chase after women. After becoming a warforged, he inexplicably lost a lot of his sense of humor and emotion. Remnants of it still linger and slowly return, but his current personality is more dry and robotic than his previous self.

Stark is traveling and adventuring aimless with the hopes of coming across answers. His primary goal is to find out what happened to him, his body, and how things can be reverted back to normal. At times, he starts to feel hopeless and more accepting of his current fate, so he’s also been trying to bring back the human nature and emotion of his old personality.


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